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VISAS - when in doubt read the instructions

The pressure is on to get approval for our Brazil visas. We sent the visa application in 2 weeks ago and got our returned envelope in the mail on Monday and it said REJECTED on our application. We have done some travelling in our times but have never encountered a visa application like this before.

Depending on what Province you live in, determines what embassy you must deal with. Albertans must send in their visa applications to the Vancouver embassy. We couldn't believe the process for filling out the application. check this out:

Fill out online application form
Submit a letter explaining your trip - where you are going, when you arrive and depart Brazil
photos attached in the appropriate manner to the applicaiton form
Proof of income - T4 slip. or paystub
Letter from employer confirming trip
confirmation of arrival (cruise itinerary)

So....we do all this but did not INCLUDE the flight number and airline when we depart the country. We indicated in our letter that we had reservations in Buenos Aires on January 5th. But this did not work. Oh yea....their website also states that it takes 15 days to process NO EXCEPTIONS.

So you can imagine my day on Tuesday, trying to resolve this issue. After 1 hour of constant calling, I finally manged to get through to a customer rep. She indicated we needed a letter from our agent confirming our flight out of Brazil. Called my sister at www.totalworldtravel.com (the best agency in Canada by the way) and asked her to send me a letter. Called the embassy back and Claudia (our rep who has been very friendly) told me she would do her best to process our application on time.

I just checked their website and our applications have a status of "received" on it. They have not yet, "processed," "approved" or "mailed" yet. We have our fingers crossed that we get our visa approved, but more importantly our passports back, so we can make our flight on December 2nd. we will keep you posted on the status.

Next up....test packing. What to bring for an extended trip when you only have a back pack.

Posted by winmouse 16:48

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Ha! When I told Micke about your visa, he said right away "They must have forgotten to put a departure date" And sure enough, that's what happened. I guess Brazil don't want people to stay too long... Good luck. It should be fine now. xx

by Isabelle

if you need a hand with the visas let me know...it will only cost you a Buenos Aires Starbucks Coffee Mug. :)

by Dwaynester

Have fun in the birth land of the thong

by Darcy

Hey Darwin and Michelle!!

I love the set up to this site so we can check out your adventures! Hope that the VISA issues gets resolved on time. Can you imagine the challenge for me to pack with a backpack? eek!
Have fun, travel safe and Jim and I will be checking for updates!

by Paula

have fun. We will miss you

by mom

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